5 Things To Consider When Buying An Old House

By: Joerg Everding

5 Things To Consider When Buying An Old House

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When you consider buying an old house to renovate or just to live in it and save money, you need to be aware of some things. 
Many construction materials that were used in the past and considered safe back then are now a safety risk and need to be handled with care. The removal of those can turn your purchase into a money pit.
As real estate professionals we try to find out as much as possible in advance to be able for you to make the right decisions.
Additionally you should always hire an inspector to give you the piece of mind that everything is safe and sound.

The following things we need to look out for in older buildings to keep you our client safe!

1. Asbestos: 
Asbestos has been used till the 1970's in almost all construction materials. For example: Tiles, Drywall, Paint, Caulking, Roofing, ceilings, wallpaper, Isolation, Insulation, and so on. Never cut or destroy anything you aren't sure about if it is Asbestos or not. Call a professional!

2. Oil Tanks: Oil tanks were commonly used for residential houses. They got either buried, put in the basement or outside in the garden. The issue here are the oil tanks that got buried. There are almost no records so many got forgotten. The removal in time is the smallest cost. Those thanks start to rot and fall apart. The oil that leaks into the soil and water is the real issue here.

3.Radon: Radon Gas develops when rocks deteriorate. Yes this is a real problem in some areas. The gas can collect in basements especially in older buildings through cracks and cause danger to health and even life. Click on Radon Gas above to see a map of locations with the highest occurrence of Radon Gas.

4.Poly-B: Poly-B plastic pipes were produced between 1985-1997. The problem here is that these pipes are doomed to leak and should get replaced ASAP to prevent leaking and damage to the building or causing mold. Depending on how easy it is to reach those pipes the cost of replacement can vary wildly.

5. Electricity: Old homes can have different issues with cables and voltage. It was common to use Aluminium cables for a while which can cause a fire in the worst case. A lower maximum voltage can cause problems with the high use of electricity nowadays. For more info check out this website!

In any way, be sure to hire professionals to take on any of these issues. Never cut or destroy materials yo are not sure about wht they are. There are peolple who have specialized on removing those dangers and to keep you and the people around you safe!